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"The Incredibles" - Is The Insurance
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Managing Adjuster:  Christopher Blalock - License Nu. A023250

Who are we? 

We are Public Property Insurance Adjusters in South Florida representing the insured for property damage claims including flood, hurricane, mold. We offer free inspections.

What is a public adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is the only adjuster licensed by the State of Florida that is authorized to represent you, the Public, in a property damages claim; the Public Adjuster has the sole responsibility of representing you and your interests (FAPIA Disclosure).

Why do I need a public adjuster?

We have combined adjusting experience of over 20 years. We are a State licensed & bonded public adjusting firm with the right skills, training, experience & equipment to complete the adjustment right the first time. We are prior company & independent insurance adjusters with inside knowledge regarding the claim practices of many insurance carriers. This equates to settlement leverage, which is a great benefit to our clients.

Property owners purchase insurance so that it will be there when they need it. After a fire, water loss or some other emergency, bills can add up quickly. The need for insurance benefits is urgent. However, according to articles in the Sun-Sentinel and the Florida Governmental OPPAGA Report, insurance companies often pay less than what is owed on property losses. Moreover, property owners are often not in a position to spend months negotiating with the insurance company over the amount of the settlement. As such, they are forced to accept the initial offer in order to meet their immediate financial needs.

You deserve a full claim payment. We will work diligently to see that you obtain a full and equitable recovery on your claim. Remember, we work for YOU not the insurance company. Learn more 

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"Why Insurance Companies don't pay claims and what you can do about it"

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