Public Adjusters obtain
larger settlements for property 
owners according to Florida 
Government Agency!

"Policyholders with public adjuster representation
typically received higher settlements than those 
without public adjusters. Policyholders that 
filed catastrophe claims in 2008 and 2009 
generally received larger insurance settlements 
than policyholders that did not hire these persons. 
The typical payment to a policyholder represented 
by a public adjuster was $22,266 for claims filed
in 2008 and 2009 related to the 2004 hurricanes 
(see Exhibit 6). In contrast, policyholders who 
did not use a public adjuster received typical 
payments of $18,659. The difference in payments 
was larger for claims related to 2005 hurricanes, 
with public adjuster claims resulting in payments 
that were 747% higher". [OPPAGA - (Office of 
Program Policy Analysis & Government Account-
ability - Florida), January 2010, Report No.10-06]
Why hire a Public Adjuster?

It is up to you, the property owner, to prove your loss, not the Insurance Company. The typical insurance policy contains numerous provisions and stipulations. It also contains various forms and endorsements that are constantly changing and most property owners have difficulty understanding them. There are certain policy conditions that must be satisfied, failure to do so could reduce your settlement amount or even cause your claim to be denied.

A Public Adjuster has the experience, knowledge and expertise to obtain your maximum entitlement(s) under your policy. Just because the Insurance Company's adjuster makes a statement does not mean that it is fact or true. It is not uncommon for the Insurance Company to misinterpret their own insurance policy or forget to apply case law or Florida Statutes that supersedes their policy. Frankly, letting the Insurance Company's adjuster determine what you are entitled to is comparable to getting a divorce and letting your spouse's Attorney dictate your entitlements (FAPIA Disclosure).

Why an ANEOSIS Public Adjuster?

We have combined adjusting experience of over 20 years. We are State licensed and bonded public adjusters with the right skills, training, experience and equipment to complete the adjustment right the first time. We are prior company and independent insurance adjusters with inside knowledge regarding the claim practices of many insurance companies. This equates to settlement leverage, which is a great benefit to our clients. *See the results in our recent settlements.

Mission Statement:

Fair, honest, & and ethical claim handling above all standards & competitors. We will work diligently to see that you obtain a fair and equitable claim settlement at a reasonable rate.

Aneosis Insurance Servicing Group, Inc.

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